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New City Cell Phone Violation Lawyer

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New York was the first state to ban cell phone use in cars. In 2001, the first cell phone law bill was passed in Albany. It was illegal to speak on a cell phone while operating a vehicle. The violation was merely a small infraction with a small fine. For many years, law enforcement would not even pursue violations. Since then, things have changed dramatically. Cell phones have come a long way since 2001. They have the ability to send and receive text messages, send and receive emails, access the internet, and give directions. In response to a rise in use and the ever-changing abilities of cell phones, New York has become one of the strictest and harshest anti-cell phone states in the country. Law enforcement actively seeks out people who are using their cell phones on the road. If you have been charged with a cell phone violation, you are facing a huge traffic ticket. You need to contact an attorney that can defend your case and fight the charges. If you need an effective and skilled Rockland County traffic attorney, contact The Law Office of Kevin T. Conway.

Consequences for a cell phone violation

Surprising to some, cell phone tickets are one of the harshest tickets you can receive in New York aside from major speeding tickets. There are few tickets that come with such high point penalties. The only others with comparable points to your driving record include failure to stop for a school bus, top-tier speeding tickets, and reckless driving. According to the DMV, improper use of a cell phone and the use of a portable electronic device subject a guilty person to 5 negative points to their driving record. A 5-point penalty on your license will drastically impact your insurance rates. If you have any other points within 18 months of getting a cell phone ticket, you are most likely subject to the Driver Responsibility Assessment, a $100 annual fine for 3 years. A cell phone violation will also come with fines.

  • First offense: $50-$200, surcharge of up to $93
  • Second offense within 18 months: $50-$250, surcharge of up to $93
  • Third or subsequent offense within 18 months: $50-$450, a surcharge of up to $93

If you are a probationary or junior driver with a Class DJ or MJ driver’s license or learner’s permit, you will have your driving privileges suspended for 120 days. A second conviction within 6 months will result in the revocation of your driving privileges for at least one year after your initial suspension is over.  

Contact a New City traffic violation attorney with experience

New York is one of the most aggressive states regarding cell phone laws. If you are caught using a cell phone, you are facing one of the most severe tickets handled in traffic court. In order to lessen the charges or have them dismissed, you need the skill and knowledge of an effective Rockland County traffic violation attorney. If you need our legal services, contact Kevin T. Conway today.

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