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What Is the Role of the Prosecutor in My Case?

When the state levels criminal charges against you, you will have to face off against a prosecutor. Despite what some people think, prosecutors do not simply charge anyone that they can with whatever crimes they can think of. They have a specific role to play and must meet a rather lofty goal when they are attempting to get a jury to judge someone guilty. A Stony Point, NY criminal defense attorney can help you build a case of your own and fight back.

What Does a Prosecutor Have to Do in a Criminal Case?

Your prosecutor has one job and that is showing that you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. This means that they gather evidence, put witnesses on the stand, and build a case that can stand up to scrutiny. When a juror hears the prosecution’s version of events, they have no “reasonable” reason to disbelieve it.

Who Does the Prosecutor Serve?

There are some misconceptions about who the prosecutor actually serves. They work with cops and they talk to victims, but they are not technically “working” for either. The prosecutor serves the government and it serves the people. This means that they have to be held to a high standard. They are not just there to keep the cogs turning in this legal system. They are also there to help it become a fairer system of justice.

What Kind of Ethical Constraints Are Put On a Prosecutor?

A prosecutor cannot simply charge whoever they want and pursue every single case they want to in an effort to boost their conviction numbers. They have a responsibility to only bring charges in cases that they believe they can prove. They are also expected to act professionally and ethically at all times. Everything that they do has to be above board and communication lines with the defendant and their representation must remain open. Trying to do anything sneaky or underhanded could result in harsh penalties.

What Can a Defense Attorney Do For Me?

Now that you know the job of the prosecutor, it is time to talk a bit about the job of the defense attorney. The prosecution wants to prove you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Your lawyer is there to poke holes in their case and show that there is actually a lot to doubt about what the prosecutor has to say.

Your attorney can question the integrity of the prosecution’s witnesses, present counter-evidence, and get evidence thrown out if your rights were violated. The prosecutor takes their role seriously and so do all of our attorneys.

Schedule a Consultation

If you are facing criminal charges, you should consider hiring your own defense attorney. Contact the Law Office of Kevin T. Conway and schedule your consultation. There is no obligation, just the chance to learn more about your legal options.

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