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suspects speaking to police without a lawyer

Why Should I Avoid Speaking to the Police Without an Attorney Present in New York?

When arrested, it’s almost natural to try convincing the officers you’re not guilty. However, by explaining why you’re not guilty, you may say something that accidentally incriminates you. Similarly, the officers may ask you questions that can get you to spill information. Though it may not seem like an inherently bad thing, speaking to the police without legal representation is always a bad idea. Keep reading to learn more and discover how a Rockland County criminal defense attorney can help you navigate any interactions with law enforcement.

Why Is It So Bad to Talk to Officers Without an Attorney?

If you don’t have an attorney present when speaking to police, you may not know that the questions they’re asking are purposely misleading or worded in such a way to get you to unintentionally incriminate yourself in a crime you didn’t commit. Because those being questioned by the police are not allowed to lie to the officers, many assume this works the other way around. However, the police are legally entitled to lie to those they are interrogating.

When the police tell you they’ll make a deal for a lighter sentence, the average person may jump at that opportunity. However, this is another form of deception, as the police do not have the authority to make deals. This is up to the District Attorney. As a result, the police get the information they want, and the person questioned does not receive their end of the bargain.

However, when an attorney is present, they can help guide you when speaking to the police. One wrong answer, and you can face a lengthy jail sentence. An attorney can help ensure you understand the questions asked and help you formulate a proper and informed response.

What Should I Say When Speaking to the Police?

When approached by the police and asked about crimes, understanding your rights is essential.

If arrested or issued a summons by the police, you do not have to speak with them. The only information you must provide is your name or a form of identification. Otherwise, you do not need to talk to the police without an attorney present. You should inform the officers that you wish to remain silent and tell them you want a lawyer.

When you invoke the right to remain silent and request legal counsel, they should stop questioning you. However, if they continue, you can still remain quiet until your attorney arrives.

At the Law Office of Kevin T. Conway, we understand how important legal representation is. When you need help, we can help. Our dedicated legal team will work tirelessly to help you through this process. Contact us today to learn how we can help you during our free consultation.

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