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White-Collar Crimes in New York

White-collar crimes are sometimes seen as less insidious than violent crimes or drug crimes. However, white-collar crimes actually have serious financial repercussions on all those affected, so it is no secret why New York courts aggressively prosecute all those accused of such crimes. If you have been charged with a white-collar crime, please read on to learn more about your legal options going forward. Here are some of the questions you may have:

What are the most common types of white-collar crimes?

  • Ponzi schemes: Ponzi schemes, made infamous by Bernie Madoff and others, are one of the most notorious investment schemes out there. Very often, they promise “too good to be true” offers. Those convicted of Ponzi schemes face a potential very long time in jail.
  • Extortion: Two of the most common types of extortion are blackmail and business extortion. Essentially, extortion is simply when one party threatens another to hand over money, “or else.”
  • Embezzlement: Those who misappropriate or underhandedly manage a company’s money or funds for their own benefit are guilty of embezzlement.
  • Corporate fraud: Very often, corporations will falsify information, or otherwise scheme to save or make money. Rather obviously, this is both unethical and illegal.
  • Bankruptcy fraud: Sometimes, individuals or businesses face heavy debts that they are no longer able to pay. Bankruptcy is a form of financial relief for these people. However, sometimes people hide certain documents from the bankruptcy court to try and get over, effectively committing bankruptcy fraud.

What are the penalties for a white-collar crime in New York?

Most white-collar crimes are felonies, so those guilty of white-collar crimes in New York State face several potential penalties. If convicted of white-collar crime, you may face the following consequences:

  • Forfeitures
  • Restitution
  • Community confinement
  • Home detention
  • Heavy fines
  • Supervised release
  • Imprisonment

If convicted, you may spend several years in prison. This is why you must not wait any longer. Hire a seasoned criminal law attorney who is ready to fight for your rights.

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