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What to Look for in a New York Criminal Defense Attorney

If you’ve recently been charged with a crime in Rockland County or anywhere in New York State, whether it be a DWI, a violent crime, or otherwise, you have a lot to consider, namely which criminal defense attorney you will hire. The attorney you choose will play a significant role in the outcome of your case, which is why you cannot hire just any attorney. Below, our Rockland County criminal defense attorney has outlined some of the most important things to consider before hiring your lawyer. They are as follows:

Does your criminal defense attorney focus on criminal law?

As with anything, if you need a job done, you should hire someone who you know can handle the job the best. While many attorneys practice various types of law, it is generally best to hire someone who focuses exclusively, or nearly exclusively, on criminal law. Attorney Conway has focused on helping those charged with criminal offenses and traffic violations for years, and he is ready to put his experience to work for you as well.

Can your attorney answer your questions on the spot?

The most important quality in an attorney is having a firm understanding of the law. When you ask your attorney questions, he or she should be able to answer all of them on the spot. You should feel comfortable that your attorney knows the ins and outs of the law, knows how to handle your case, and knows that in many circumstances, your future depends on the outcome of your case. Our firm will work tirelessly to attain the most favorable outcome possible on your behalf, and after your initial consultation, you should leave having peace of mind knowing that you are in good hands.

How is your attorney rated on Google?

In today’s day and age, there is a very good chance that you wouldn’t try a new restaurant without reading its reviews, or you wouldn’t hire a plumber without reading his or her reviews as well. This same way of thinking should apply to attorneys. Our firm maintains a near-5-star rating on Google, which is proof that no matter your reason for coming through our doors, we will give your case our all in an effort to have your charges significantly mitigated, or, in the best cases, dropped altogether. If you have any further questions or you are ready to get started, give us a call today.


Kevin T. Conway has over 30 years of experience as a Spring Valley criminal attorney handling DUI, DWI, traffic violations, violent crimes, sex crimes, illegal gun possession, shoplifting, and juvenile crimes. Attorney Conway is also experienced in commercial law matters, zoning law, and estate planning. If you need a Rockland County criminal lawyer, contact our Spring Valley office for a free consultation.

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