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What is Important to Know about a Harassment Charge in Rockland County?

In New York State, it’s very easy to be charged with harassment. Harassment can be annoying, alarming, or threatening someone. It can be electronically or in person. It’s a very vague charge. In the context of people that are involved in relationships, whether family members, spouses, girlfriend/boyfriend, if that person files a complaint with a local police department, the local police departments are under a lot of scrutiny to err on the side of taking the charge. It’s very easy to be charged with a harassment charge or an aggravated harassment charge.

When you’re contacted by the police, many times they will advise the person that they’re seeking to investigate it, when really they’re going to file a charge. It’s important for you to contact a criminal attorney immediately. Otherwise, the information you may provide, any admissions you make will be used against you in a case. This can include turning over your phone, providing texts, or any other admissions that you might make to the police or person on a taped phone call that are working with the police. It’s very important to contact a criminal attorney if the police contact you investigating a harassment claim that someone’s made against you.

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