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What are the Penalties for Heroin Possession in Rockland County?

In New York and in many states right now, communities are facing a heroin epidemic. Heroin is a very cheap drug. Though it practically disappeared from the landscape at the end of the 1960s and 1970s, it has now reappeared as a cheap, accessible drug.

Even a small amount of heroin is chargeable as a felony. You could be facing a state prison sentence. You could be facing a five-year term of probation, and most importantly, as a felony offender, you’ll have a criminal conviction that bars you from voting, most jobs, and state licenses. If you’re charged with possession of heroin, immediately contact a criminal attorney to represent you.

Kevin T. Conway is an effective attorney representing Rockland County clients facing drug crimes. Our criminal defense firm also handles all DWIs, violent crimes, sex crimes, juvenile matters, and much more. If you need a free consultation, contact our Spring Valley law firm.

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