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What is Grand Larceny in Rockland County, New York?

Grand Larceny in New York State is the taking of property that doesn’t belong to you valued at $3,000 or more. The local police will treat petty larceny and grand larceny the same way. When you’re charged with the more serious offense of grand larceny, the judge can require a higher bail because it is a felony. The judge may not require a bail for petty larceny.

Grand larceny is a more serious charge. It can be presented to a grand jury and result in a return of an indictment. The case then gets transferred to the county court where, in superior court, it’s treated much more seriously. If you’re found guilty or plead guilty to that felony charge, you could, depending upon your record and history, be subject to a state prison sentence, a local jail sentence, or a probationary period of five years.

The imposition of a felony conviction would impair your ability to find work with most employers because you would have to check off that you’ve been convicted of a felony on an employment application. That would bar you from most employment, bar you from state licenses, and bar you from voting.

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