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What are the Penalties for a Marijuana Possession in Rockland County?

Marijuana possession in New York is illegal. There’s a common misperception by people out there, mostly the younger clients or people that use marijuana on a regular basis that it’s been decriminalized because of what other states like Colorado have done by way of changing their laws. New York has not changed their laws.

In New York, it can be a violation or it can be a crime, depending upon how much weight of marijuana found in your possession. If you are stopped on the street or in a motor vehicle and subjected to a search of your person, you can be charged with possession of marijuana.

If you are caught with over 25 grams, it’s a criminal offense. You have to go to criminal court. You could have a criminal record. It’s important that you contact an attorney if you’re charged with possession of marijuana.
The Law Office of Kevin T. Conway is a legal resource for people facing Rockland County drug crimes. In addition to handling marijuana possession, our criminal defense firm handles Rockland County DUIs, sex crimes, violent crimes, juvenile crimes, larceny, and much more. If you need a consultation, contact The Law Office of Kevin T. Conway today.

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