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What are the Consequences of a New York Cell Phone Violation?

In today’s world, people are glued to their cell phones seemingly 24/7. While this is generally a bad practice, it is especially dangerous to do when behind the wheel of a car. With all the reckless drivers already on the road, you simply cannot afford to add to the chaos. People very often take driving for granted and get careless, however, as soon as you are careless, an accident can happen. This is why since 2001, it has been illegal to use a cell phone while driving in New York State. Unfortunately, though everyone knows using a cell phone while driving is unsafe, thousands of people across the state are caught doing so every year. Being charged with a cell phone violation may have serious implications on your driving record and other facets of your life, which is why you will need an experienced attorney to fight for your rights. If you have been charged with a cell phone violation in New York State, here are some of the questions you may have:

What are the potential penalties of a New York cell phone violation?

If you are guilty of a cell phone violation, you may receive 5 points on your license, which can drastically impact your insurance premiums, meaning you may be paying for your mistake for years to come. Additionally, if these 5 points put you over your limit, you may have your license suspended. If you get any other points within 18 months of the ticket, you may also be subjected to the Driver Responsibility Assessment, which is a $100 annual fine for three years. You will also face the following fines:

  • First offense: $50-$200, a surcharge of up to $93
  • A second offense within 18 months: $50-$250, a surcharge of up to $93
  • Third or subsequent offense within 18 months: $50-$450, a surcharge of up to $93

Probationary or junior drivers with a Class DJ or MJ driver’s license or learner’s permit will have their driving privileges suspended for 120 days. A second conviction within 6 months of the first will result in the revocation of your driving privileges for at least one year following your initial suspension.

Is it ever okay to use a cell phone while driving?

While using a cell phone without hands-free technology is never completely safe, you may use a cell phone to call emergency services to report things such as accidents, fires, reckless drivers, and other safety risks. 

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