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The Severity of Prescription Drug Crimes

Generally, people understand that drugs are illegal and if you are caught using, distributing, or possessing drugs it is a criminal offense.  However, some may not understand that the use, distribution, and/or possession of prescription drugs without permission or a prescription, or without a license as a medical professional, is also a chargeable offense.  Like crimes related to illegal drugs, crimes related to prescription drugs can also carry harsh penalties.

The Rise of Prescription Drug Crimes

In recent years, illegal prescription drug use, possession, and distribution has risen greatly.  Although not an exhaustive list, some prescription drugs that are commonly misused and/or abused are:

  • Oxycodone;
  • Oxycontin;
  • Steroids;
  • Hydrocodone;
  • Percocets; and
  • Amphetamines;

What Are Some of the Consequences of Illegal Prescription Drug Crimes?

If you are charged with an illegal prescription drug crime, the penalties can vary greatly and can be quite severe.  They can include costly fines, jail sentences, prison sentences, and/or probation.  You also may be required to enter some type of drug treatment plan in conjunction with another penalty or fine, or in lieu of jail time.

In addition to these penalties, a conviction for an illegal prescription drug crime can tarnish your reputation and permanent record.  Like other crimes, a conviction can be placed on your permanent record and, as a result, you may be unable to:

  • obtain gainful employment as a result;
  • obtain federal assistance for college tuition, obtain certification or attend professional schooling; and/or
  • obtain a professional license.

If you’ve been charged with a prescription drug related crime in New York, you should seek the help of an attorney.  An experienced criminal defense attorney can advise you of your rights and offer you the assistance and guidance you need.

Kevin T. Conway has over 30 years of experience as a Spring Valley criminal attorney handling DUI, DWI, traffic violations, violent crimes, sex crimes, illegal gun possession, shoplifting, and juvenile crimes. Attorney Conway is also experienced in commercial law matters, zoning law, and estate planning. If you need a Rockland County criminal lawyer, contact our Spring Valley office for a free consultation.

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