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NY Aims to Improve Re-Entry Process After Prison

As one of the components of New York State’s Criminal Justice Reform Initiative, there is a major focus on helping New Yorkers return to society after they have been incarcerated. In fact, the governor announced this week that he will be advancing reforms to help individuals return to the community after they have been released from prison. There are several measures being taken in order to assist these individuals, some of which include:

  • Helping increase and improve access to employment and licenses
    • Currently, there is a ban on granting occupational licenses to those with a criminal conviction. The governor proposed removing these bans in professions outside of the field of law enforcement in an effort to give the opportunity for better re-entry into the community
  • Expand eligibility for being released on good merit
    • This aims to create greater release opportunities for those who graduate from rehabilitation programs
  • Create a special provision for geriatric parole
    • Inmates over the age of 55 who have served at least half of their prison sentences may be eligible for parole if they have incapacitating medical conditions that are made more difficult by living in a prison
  • Reduce financial strain after being released
    • The governor also aims to eliminate the fee for parole supervision and the potential for adjusting child support orders depending on the financial situation

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