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Does New York Offer Conditional Licenses to Those Convicted of DUI?

What was a fun night out with friends can quickly go south the minute you get behind the wheel of a car after consuming alcohol. When facing DWI charges, it can be overwhelming to understand the legal implications of your actions or to try to overturn them. Similarly, the process of applying for conditional licenses can be confusing. However, a Spring Valley DWI defense attorney can examine the specifics of your case to fight for the best possible outcome for your circumstances.

What Are Conditional Licenses?

In many instances, being charged with or convicted of a DWI leads to immediate suspension of your license. However, for those who work, go to school, or perform household duties, it can be impossible to fulfill these obligations without a car. Thus, some states offer conditional licenses, which allow the holder to drive to and from court-approved locations.

The requirements for qualifications vary based on the state you reside in, but generally, you will need to complete the application form, pay the necessary fees, and attend any required programs or classes your state may mandate for those acquiring a conditional license.

Does New York Offer Them?

If you’re charged with a DWI in New York, you may not know that you can apply for a conditional license in the state. This is an ideal option for those with responsibilities they need to fulfill but cannot due to a suspended license.

You will only qualify for a conditional license in New York if you participate in the state-mandated Impaired Driver Program. This is a course with seven weekly sessions, and you must attend all classes. Upon completion, you will be referred out.

You are also only eligible for a conditional driver’s license in New York if it is your first offense or there has been substantial time between charges. If convicted of a second or third DWI, you will not be eligible for a license unless there is a period of ten and twenty-five years between charges, respectively.

Can It Be Revoked?

When in possession of a conditional driver’s license, you’ll need to be careful when operating a vehicle. If found breaking any laws involving seatbelt use, cellphones, or child safety seat violations, or you’re convicted of alcohol or drug violations, the New York Department of Motor Vehicle reserves the right to revoke your conditional license.

However, you may continue to participate in your mandated Impaired Driver Program. However, upon completion after the revocation of a conditional license due to additional drug or alcohol charges, your regular license will not be reinstated. You will need to complete a revocation period before the DMV restates your full license.

When facing a DWI charge, you may feel like there’s nothing you can do to help your case. However, retaining the services of The Law Office of Kevin T. Conway is recommended, as they are an experienced team of legal professionals dedicated to fighting for you.

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