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How Will a Felony Conviction Impact My Career?

A felony conviction can come with penalties like fines and jail time, and most defendants expect that. However, what many people do not consider is that a conviction can also affect their lives in other ways. It can even affect your career. This is why you need to make sure that you are fighting a felony charge with all that you have right from the beginning, and that means hiring a Rockland County criminal defense attorney.

Will a Felony Conviction Prevent Me From Getting Certain Jobs?

Yes, it is entirely possible that a felony conviction could essentially prevent you from even being considered for certain types of jobs. It could prevent you from getting a job that is subject to heavy regulations, like truck driving, because a company could see you as a risk. You may be unable to get certain required permits or other qualifications for some jobs.

Can I Get a Professional License With a Felony Conviction?

If you were working towards a job in a professional field, you will likely need a professional license. This is granted to you by a board in your state, and plenty of different careers can require one. Workers in trades like electricians and plumbers require the proper licenses, as do workers in “white collar” jobs like optometrists or real estate agents.

The boards that give out these licenses have high standards. They do not want a worker with a professional license making them look bad. They can also consider criminal history when you apply for a professional license, so it is very possible that your felony conviction will count against you.

Will I Have to Tell Employers About My Felony Conviction?

You also should not try to hide a felony conviction from a potential employer. Most will do background checks before offering you a job. If they do not and you do not mention your criminal history, your employer might find out later anyway. Then they can easily fire you because you misrepresented yourself.

What Can a Defense Attorney Do For Me?

Your defense attorney will do everything that they can to defend you from any charges and prevent a felony conviction. Your lawyer will:

  • Find the best defensive strategy
  • Get evidence and charges against you thrown out when possible
  • Negotiate plea deals if needed
  • Answer any questions that you have
  • Handle communications on your behalf
  • Prepare you to testify on your behalf

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If you want to learn more about how we can assist you, contact the Law Office of Kevin T. Conway. We can schedule a consultation and tell you more about how we can help you avoid a felony conviction and the many consequences that come with it.

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