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Can I Get a DWI Expunged from My Record?

Expungement can delete a charge from your criminal record, making it seem like it never happened in the first place. Having a clean record can make many parts of life much easier, so we are not surprised when someone visits our offices and asks if a New City DWI defense attorney can help them expunge a DWI charge. We almost always have some bad news for them. Erasing a DWI is simply not a possibility.

Why Can’t I Expunge a DWI Charge?

The expungement process is generally reserved for criminal charges. New York considers a DWI to be a traffic violation. As a result, misdemeanor and even felony DWI convictions are not going to be removed from your record through this process.

This can be a problem. Having a DWI charge on your record can cause all sorts of headaches, and you could even face harsher punishments for crimes in the future.

What Are the Consequences of Having a DWI on My Record?

Getting charged with a DWI once can be bad enough. You could be punished with fines of up to $1,000 and a suspension of your license. Repeat offenders get it even worse. Being arrested multiple times in a ten-year period can result in seven years of jail time and a complete ban on ever having a license again.

A DWI can also affect your reputation, both personally and professionally. People can judge you based on this charge, so it can be more difficult to get a job, secure housing, or receive a loan. There is just no upside to having to explain this part of your record to anyone.

What If I Seal My Record?

New York does not allow you to expunge this conviction, but you might be able to seal your record. This is only an option 10 years after you were charged with a DWI. You have to have completed any punishments and you cannot have committed any crimes in the past 10 years.

Even if you do qualify, sealing a record can be a lengthy and expensive process with no guarantees. There are also a limited number of charges that can be sealed.

What Should I Do When Facing a DUI or DWI Charge?

This is why it is imperative to fight back against a DWI charge in the first place. A lawyer from our firm can help you by:

  • Forming a defensive strategy based on the unique circumstances of your case
  • Getting evidence against you thrown out
  • Preparing you for testimony
  • Communicating on your behalf

We will do our best to help you keep your record clean.

Contact a Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you are looking at a DWI or DUI charge, contact the Law Office of Kevin T. Conway. We have an experienced team here at our firm and we are ready to help you defend yourself. Fighting this charge is your best course of action because, if you win, then you do not need to worry about expunging anything from your record.

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