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Executive Order: Voting Rights for New Yorkers on Parole

On April 18, 2018, the Governor of New York State signed an executive order allowing individuals who are on parole to have their voting rights restored. Now, New York is the fifteenth state plus the District of Columbia that has restored voting rights for individuals who have been incarcerated. This executive order will impact about 35,000 individuals throughout the state of New York who are unable to vote due to being on parole. The governor cites that not allowing individuals on parole to vote is inconsistent with New York State’s other rule, which does allow individuals on probation to vote.

This executive order seems to be an aspect of New York State’s plans to overhaul the criminal justice system. The other aspects of the “2018 Criminal Justice Reform Package” include reshaping bail and pretrial detention, expanding the discovery process, requiring that all interrogations are recorded on video, reducing unnecessary delays or adjournments in court proceedings to improve access to a speedy trial, and improving the process for individuals leaving prison and entering their communities.

If you are an individual who is on parole and you have questions about these changes, contact our firm today.

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