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Will I Need an Ignition Interlock Device for My DWI Case in Rockland County?

In New York State, the law was recently passed to require that the interlock device can be installed at the judge’s discretion. If the blood alcohol reading level is of a certain level and above, the judge is required at the time that you plead guilty or are found guilty to require the installation of an interlock device in your motor vehicle or any car that you use. You have to use the interlock device when you start the car and intermittently when you’re requested as you’re driving.

The judge has discretion, depending upon if the reading level and the blood alcohol is lower, not to require the installation of an interlock. However, the interlock is very expensive. It’s a time consuming device and if there’s a violation you’re automatically remanded back to the sentencing court for violation of the terms of conditions of sentence, so it’s very, very important that there not be an interlock violation.

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