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What’s Important to Know about Sex Crimes in Rockland County?

In New York State, a person can be charged with a sex offense or sex-related charge merely based upon one person making a report that they were either abused, raped or other misconduct took place.

The police department will typically conduct a full-blown investigation in conjunction with the local district attorney’s office. It’s very serious if you’re contacted by a police department or district attorney’s office with regard to an investigation regarding a sex-related offense.

Many of the younger clients, if they have filmed any sort of sexual activity can run afoul of the law. The laws are very broad. It’s very important if you’re contacted by an investigator, detective, or police officer regarding a sexual incident, that you immediately contact a criminal defense attorney to represent you properly.

Kevin T. Conway is an experienced criminal attorney serving Rockland County regarding DWIs, drug charges, sex crimes, violent crimes, juvenile crimes, illegal gun possession, and more. If you need our legal services, contact our Spring Valley office for a consultation.

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