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What’s considered to be a violent crime?

Violent crimes can cause serious charges against individuals. These crimes may also lead to severe penalties, including jail time. Due to the serious nature of these offenses, it is always best to acquire legal representation to protect your future. Violent crimes can include murder, terrorism, kidnapping, assault, rape and more. These crimes are categorized based on the amount of violence involved, which can lead to harsher consequences. For violent crimes, they are categorized from Class A to Class E felonies, with the former being the most serious.

Class A-1 felonies consist of murder, terrorism, first-degree arson and first-degree kidnapping. Class A-II felonies can include predatory sexual assault and predatory sexual assault against a child. These are considered to be the most serious violent crimes. Due to this, individuals charged with these felonies may face the most severe penalties.

Class B felonies can include aggravated assault, rape, kidnapping in the second degree, robbery in the first degree and burglary in the first degree. After this comes Class C felonies, which can include aggravated manslaughter in the second degree, robbery in the second degree, burglary in the second degree, various weapons charges and assault on a judge. Class D felonies include second-degree assault, second-degree rape and reckless assault of a child. Class E felonies can include persistent sexual abuse and fourth-degree aggravated sexual abuse.

How can I be punished for these charges?

Each crime may be handled differently depending on the details and the judge presiding over the case. However, there are certain standards in place based on each category of violent crimes. Class A felonies may include a jail sentence of life or 20-25 years. This would be the most severe penalty since this category consists of the most severe crimes due to the extreme level of violence. Class B violent felonies may be met with imprisonment up to 25 years maximum or the minimum of one to three years. Class C felonies can lead to three and a half years to 15 years in jail. Class D felonies can cause a jail sentence of two to seven years. While Class E felonies may not include jail time, it can include probation. Individuals may be on probation for one and a half to four years.

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