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What Should I do if I Get a Speeding Ticket in Rockland County?

If you reside out of state and you get a speeding ticket in New York State, you need to deal with it. If you hire an attorney, an attorney can appear for you to downgrade the speeding ticket to a non-point, non-moving violation. Your ticket can be resolved with the local prosecutor or officer, depending on where the ticket was issued.  

If you live out of state and reside out of state, the judge can permit the attorney to appear without you having to be present. We use a waiver and authorization form that allows the attorney to resolve the case without you having to be present.
Kevin T. Conway is an experienced criminal defense attorney serving Rockland County. We handle all criminal matters, including gun crimes, violent crimes, sex crimes, DWI, drug charges, juvenile matters, and more. If you need our help, contact our Spring Valley law office for a consultation.

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