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What is Identity Theft in Rockland County, New York?

In New York State, identity theft crimes are treated very seriously by the police and will be prosecuted aggressively by the local district attorney’s office. These are cases where individuals either go in with a fraudulent credit card or name to make a purchase for an item. At the end of the day, the store doesn’t receive the money because the credit card is fraudulent or the card number is fraudulent.

They may utilize someone else’s identity to sign documents or engage in a transaction. It’s a very serious charge. In many instances, people will obtain false driver’s licenses. That can be deemed a felony as well. Any time where you’re putting a false identity or a false date of birth on official documents is treated very seriously. If you’re found in possession of those documents, that alone can be a felony. Regarding people like college students or high school students who try to get a fake ID to gain access into the bars and restaurants; if they’re found with that fake ID by the police or they try to utilize it, that alone can be a felony charge for possession of a false instrument.

In many instances, people also will obtain bad social security cards. The possession of any false official document that presented or that the government provides or an entity provides is considered a crime; either a misdemeanor or felony.

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