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What is Considered Petty Larceny in Rockland County, New York?

In New York State, if you go into a store or take an item that doesn’t belong to you and the value is small, it’s deemed petty larceny. It’s a physical taking. What elevates it to a grand larceny felony is the dollar amount or the value of the item.

What would make it more serious is if someone forcibly took an item from a person. It can be deemed a robbery if you physically take an item from someone’s person or threaten the use of a weapon or display the use of a weapon in the commission of larceny. That elevates the same act to a more serious felony charge.

Petty larceny is a serious offense because it’s a misdemeanor. The case is prosecuted by the local district attorney’s office. If you are convicted, you will have a criminal record. A criminal record can affect the rest of your life.

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