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What if I Am Facing Domestic Violence Charges in New York?

There are serious consequences tied to domestic violence charges. This is why, if you are faced with this situation, you must understand your rights and go about the right legal strategy. Follow along to find out what happens when you face domestic violence charges in New York and how a proficient Rockland County criminal defense attorney at The Law Office of Kevin T. Conway can come to your defense.

How is domestic violence defined by New York law?

In New York, domestic violence is defined as when a person commits an act of violence or otherwise takes action against a victim and puts them at risk of injury or causes them to feel threatened with imminent bodily injury. The victim is likely considered someone with whom you share a domestic relationship. The following are different types of domestic relationships that are recognized by New York law:

  • A person with whom you are romantically involved.
  • A person with whom you are related by blood or by marriage.
  • A person with whom you are married.
  • A person with whom you were once married but are now either separated or divorced.
  • A person with who you share a child.

What if I am charged with domestic violence in New York?

If you are accused of domestic violence in New York, a law enforcement officer will likely arrive at your house to arrest you. They will grant the alleged victim a Temporary Restraining Order against you, which will prevent you from seeing the victim until your Final Restraining Order hearing.

If you are found guilty at this hearing, you may be permanently barred from seeing the victim. And if you share a child with this person, you may be permanently barred from seeing your child, as well. Evidently, this impacts your child custody agreement. On top of this, you will likely be sentenced to high fines or even jail time, along with a permanent criminal record.

What if I am falsely charged with domestic violence in New York?

It occurs far too often that false accusations of domestic violence are made in New York. It is frustrating and unnecessary to go through this if you are innocent. In fact, state law makes it illegal to make such false accusations.

This is why, if you believe that you are innocent, you must go after this before it is too late. Rest assured, this can be made possible with a talented Rockland County criminal & municipal attorney. Call us today to retain our legal services.


Attorney Conway is a Spring Valley criminal attorney and is also experienced in commercial law matters, zoning law, and estate planning. Contact The Law Office of Kevin T. Conway for a free consultation today.

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