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What Are The Penalties For a False Accusation of Domestic Violence in NY?

There are penalties for making a false accusation and saying that someone committed domestic violence against you. However, that may be little comfort if you are the one facing domestic violence charges as a result of a false accusation. Your first priority has to be defending yourself, so you should consult a Haverstraw criminal defense attorney from our firm.

Will Someone Be Punished for Making a False Accusation?

People can be punished for making false statements on official documents. So it is possible that your accuser will end up facing consequences for their actions. Common punishments include fines, up to three years of probation, and up to a year in jail.

Your accuser could face even more severe penalties if they end up making misleading statements in court. Lying under oath is called perjury, and that is a felony charge.

How Do I Fight a False Accusation?

Even if the person who made a false accusation against you gets punished for it eventually, you still may need to fight a domestic violence charge. Domestic violence can cover a wide range of crimes, and most of them have harsh penalties that you certainly want to avoid. Whether you are charged with stalking, aggravated assault, or harassment, you should:

  • Avoid speaking to the police
  • Gather any evidence that can show your accuser is lying
  • Establish an alibi if possible
  • Contact people who could serve as potential witnesses
  • Resist any urge to reach out to your accuser
  • Hire a lawyer

Should I Hire a Lawyer to Fight This Domestic Violence Charge?

You are not required to hire a lawyer when facing criminal charges, but it is highly recommended. Defending yourself is often a bad idea, even if you are familiar with the law, and an assigned public defender may have a ton of clients and little time for your case.

A lawyer from our firm will do their best to help you fight back against these charges and avoid the harsh punishments associated with them. They can help you build an affirmative defense and handle all communications on your behalf so that you do not have to worry about incriminating yourself.

Can I Sue Someone for Making a False Accusation?

In addition to criminal penalties, your accuser could face civil penalties for making a false accusation. You may be able to sue them in court because they purposely spread lies about you and hurt your reputation. It is also likely that defending yourself from criminal charges cost you a significant amount of money, so suing for damages and getting paid back for expenses like lost wages and the cost of hiring a lawyer may be an option to consider.

Schedule a Consultation Today

So if you are ready to fight back against these domestic violence charges, contact the Law Office of Kevin T. Conway. We can schedule a consultation and tell you more about how our experienced attorneys could be of assistance.

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