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What are the Consequences of a Firearm Arrest in Rockland County?

In New York State, possession of an illegal firearm is treated very, very seriously. It’s a felony grade offense in most instances. If the gun was operable and loaded, that’s the most serious type of charge you can have. It’s legal to possess a shotgun in your home. however, it is important to note that if you take a gun, transport it and don’t transport it properly in a locked or storage container in the trunk, you could be charged with illegal weapons possession in a traffic stop.

If you are caught without a valid pistol permit for a handgun in New York State, you could be charged with illegal weapons possession. It’s treated very seriously by the police and the local prosecutor’s office in whichever county that you are charged with the offense. It can be a felony or misdemeanor depending upon their circumstances and the weapon involved.

Many times, even a gravity knife or what is commonly used by construction worker can constitute an illegal weapons charge. The weapon statute in New York is very, very lengthy as to items that will be considered a weapon. Most people will be surprised to learn the various items that are defined and characterized as weapons. An illegal weapons charge is a serious offense.

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