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Results from August Speed Week Released

Every few months, the New York State Police conduct a Speed Week, which aims to crack down on drivers who are violating the rules of the road. Though the campaign is named Speed Week, the results are in about many of the different driving violations that were committed in the area from August 2 through August 8.

Throughout the course of the week, there were over 21,000 tickets issued for a variety of traffic violations. In the Lower Hudson Valley alone, there were 2,166 tickets issued. 956 of those tickets were for speeding, 36 were driving under the influence violations, 68 tickets were issued for distracted driving, 74 tickets were issued for violating seatbelt and child restraint laws, and 52 were issued for violations of the Move Over Law.

The primary goal behind Speed Week is to not only enforce the rules of the road but also to make sure drivers and their passengers stay safe. Throughout the course of the week, State Police officers responded to 268 personal injury accidents. These accidents resulted in 393 injured persons and even five fatalities.

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