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New York’s Video Interrogation Law in Effect

Yesterday, New York State announced that a new law went into effect on April 1st that requires law enforcement agencies to keep video recordings of custodial interrogations. This new law will only apply to those who are accused of committing very serious crimes that may include violent felony sex offenses and homicides. The purpose of the law is to make sure that only people who are truly guilty are convicted and those that are wrongfully accused do not wind up being wrongfully convicted and spend years in jail for something they did not do.

This new law was part of 2017’s criminal reform efforts and will apply to interrogations that happen at correctional facilities, police stations, prosecutors offices, and other custodial holding areas. If a law enforcement officer conducting an interrogation fails to video record it, the court may determine that even a confession will not count as evidence. The recorded interrogations must include Miranda warnings, an age-appropriate setting for an interview if the interview is with a juvenile, date and time stamps on footage, identifying all parties present, and more.

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