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insurance rates after a car accident

How Will a DWI Affect My New York Insurance Rates?

It’s no secret that a DWI charge can impact someone’s life. From hefty fines to potential jail time, making the decision to drive while intoxicated has severe ramifications. Many overlook how a DWI charge will increase their annual insurance rates. In many cases, this can cause intense financial stress. However, a Spring Valley DWI defense attorney can help explore possible defenses to prevent exuberant fines. Keep reading to learn more about the impact this crime will have on your insurance.

Will My Insurance Rates Increase?

If convicted of a DWI, whether it resulted in an accident or not, your insurance rates will likely increase.

New York is one of a few states that do not mandate those convicted of a DWI to carry SR-22 insurance. This certificate proves you have received the minimum coverage possible following a DWI. Generally, in states where an SR-22 is required, the coverage required is expensive.

Despite New York not mandating SR-22 insurance, you can still expect to see a significant increase in your annual insurance premium, especially if your drunk driving resulted in an accident. As insurance companies will view you as “high-risk,” they will raise their premiums should you cause another collision.

What Other Penalties Can I Expect?

Aside from higher insurance premiums, there are many fines and consequences you can face if caught and convicted of drunk driving.

Depending on the charge and whether or not it was your first expense, you will face various penalties. For example, if it is your first DWI charge, you can expect to pay a minimum fine of $500, face up to one year in jail, and your license will be suspended for up to six months.

However, if it is your third aggravated DWI charge, the penalties increase to a felony charge. This includes a fine between $2,000 and $10,000, up to seven years in prison, and the revocation of your license for a minimum of 18 months.

Can an Attorney Help?

When facing a DWI charge, you may think there’s nothing you can do. Whether you are guilty or not, beating the charges seems impossible. However, an attorney can help explore all possible defense options to help you keep your record clean.

Whether the officer improperly administered the field sobriety test, the breathalyzer wasn’t properly calibrated, or the reason for the stop was illegal, a lawyer can examine the circumstances to help come up with possible defenses to avoid charges.

Though all hope may seem lost, the Law Office of Kevin T. Conway is here to help. Our dedicated legal firm has the experience to help fight for you in a court of law. Reach out today to schedule a consultation to discuss the circumstances of your case.

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