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Governor Cuomo Employs Multi-Agency Task Force to Investigate Bars and Restaurants

Recently, Governor Andrew Cuomo appointed a task force in New York State to investigate bars and restaurants everywhere to find out whether they have violated coronavirus-related regulations. This includes various aspects of keeping the community safe, such as social distancing, limiting the number of patrons that can be in the establishment at once, and more.

Of the move to create such a task force, Governor Cuomo said in a statement, “We are very proud of what New Yorkers did to flatten the curve of the virus, but we have to protect our progress because no one wants to do that again. That’s why we’re watching the bar and restaurant violations and the congregations in front of these establishments, as we believe it’s connected to the increased infection rate with young people. We’ve tasked the State Liquor Authority and the State Police to help local governments more aggressively enforce the law and they are doing just that, with dozens of violations found last night alone.”

Between July 21 and July 23, this task force has investigated over 1,100 bars and restaurants throughout the state, finding 84 violations. Those who are charged with violating these coronavirus-related regulations are now facing a wide array of very serious penalties. For example, any business that was caught disobeying the regulations will be fined $10,000 per person, and in the worst cases, many businesses have had their liquor licenses suspended. Of course, this can be devastating to a business, which is why if you are facing these charges, you do have the right to an experineced Rockland County criminal defense attorney. Our firm has helped countless individuals through the years, and we know we have what it takes to help you, too. Give us a call today.

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