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Fake ID and Underage Drinking Crackdown

New York State takes violations involving alcohol very seriously. This week, New York State announced that there will be a major crackdown this summer regarding fake ID’s and underage drinking throughout the summer concert season in the state. The Department of Motor Vehicles will be working alongside the State Liquor Authority, State Park Police, and local law enforcement to enforce the rules regarding alcohol and underage drinking. No one under the age of 21 is permitted to purchase or consume alcohol. There is also a major problem throughout the state regarding the use of fake identifications as those who are under 21 try to purchase alcohol from restaurants, bars, and stores throughout the area.

There has already been an underage drinking crackdown in place since May, which has been referred to as Operation Prevent. During the five investigations of Operation Prevent, 78 arrests took place for underage drinking. Throughout the investigations, there were fake identifications recovered from New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Illinois, Rhode Island, New Jersey, South Carolina, Maryland, Connecticut, and even Ontario.  The biggest crackdowns will take place at summer concert venues, which tend to be a hub for individuals who are consuming and purchasing alcohol before they are legally old enough to do so.

If you are charged with using a fake ID or underage drinking, contact our firm.

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