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Can an Attorney Help Me Fight a Speeding Ticket in New York?

Under most circumstances, when an individual receives a speeding ticket, they seldom think it necessary to retain the services of a Rockland County traffic violations attorney today. That being said, receiving a speeding ticket can cause serious ramifications and can drastically affect your driving record for years to come. This is why you must continue reading and speak with our knowledgeable firm today to learn more about the consequences of speeding tickets in New York State and how we can help you fight those consequences. Here are some of the questions you may have:

What are the penalties for a speeding ticket in NYS?

If you are someone who has recently received a speeding ticket, you are most likely wondering what lies ahead. To start, you should understand that the severity of your speeding ticket will be noted in points. The worse your ticket, the more points you will receive on your license. The faster you were going, the more damage it will do to your driving record. The points corresponding to various speeding tickets in New York State are as follows:

  • Driving 1-10 miles per hour over the speed limit: This is a 3-point violation.
  • Driving 11-20 miles per hour over the speed limit: This is a 4-point violation.
  • Driving 21-30 miles per hour over the speed limit: This is a 6-point violation.
  • Driving 31-40 miles per hour over the speed limit: This is a 8-point violation.
  • Exceeding 41 miles per hour over the speed limit: This is a 11-point violation.

You should understand that oftentimes, upon receiving points on your license, your insurance premiums will rise, causing you to essentially pay for your ticket for months, or even years into the future. Additionally, if you accumulate enough points on your license in a certain period of time, there is a very good chance that your license may be suspended or revoked, which, rather obviously, can affect your social life, your ability to stay employed, and more.

Should I hire an attorney to help fight my speeding ticket?

Yes. Oftentimes, when people are issued speeding tickets, the officer who issued the ticket was not following proper protocol. However, this is something that only an experienced attorney can determine. In many cases, if we determine the officer violated protocol, we can have your ticket reduced, or even altogether dropped. Give us a call today to learn more about how we can help.

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