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What Are the Penalties for Tax Evasion in NY?

It probably would not surprise you to learn that the government takes it quite seriously when someone does not pay their taxes. There are many ways to commit tax evasion, but one thing is for sure. No matter how someone tries to dodge the IRS or the state treasury, the penalties for getting caught are going to be harsh. So if you are accused of committing tax evasion, you need to take the charge seriously. You should be ready to defend yourself, and you should have the help of a seasoned Ramapo criminal defense attorney.

What is Considered Tax Evasion?

If you make a simple mistake on your tax return, that is not tax evasion. Tax returns can get complicated, especially if you run a business or have a variety of assets or income streams. If you make a mistake, it can often be corrected and you would just owe whatever the difference is.

Tax evasion is when someone deliberately tries to reduce the tax they pay by lying or submitting false information. Someone could evade taxes by saying that they made less income in a given year. They could also lie about their deductions, reducing their total tax burden. Not filing taxes at all can also be seen as evasion.

In all of these situations, you rightfully owe the government a certain amount of money, but have tried to find some way to get out of paying that money. The government is not going to be happy about it.

Can I Really Go to Jail for Tax Evasion in NY?

Some types of tax evasion will result in small fines and extra interest paid. However, people who really go out of their way to defraud the government can end up facing some severe punishments. This is especially true if there are multiple charges being leveled against you.

Even a misdemeanor charge can result in a prison stay of up to one year. Some tax evasion and fraud crimes can be punished with up to 25 years in prison. Then you can be hit with hefty fines on top of that. So if you are charged with tax evasion in New York, you need to take it seriously.

Should I Hire a Defense Attorney?

When you are facing punishments like these, you should do everything that you can to defend yourself. One important step is hiring an experienced defense attorney. A lawyer from our firm can help you fight back against these charges and negotiate a lesser sentence if needed.

Schedule Your Consultation Today

If you are facing tax evasion charges, do not just take your chances and hope that you can talk yourself out of it. Contact The Law Office of Kevin T. Conway and schedule a consultation with our team. We can tell you more about how you should respond to these charges and what kinds of defensive strategies our lawyers have used successfully in the past.

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