What if I was Stopped at a DWI Checkpoint in Rockland County?

  • When you’re stopped at a DWI road block or checkpoint, the officers are going to request your license and insurance card.
  • More importantly, they’re going to ask you if you’ve had anything to drink that night.
  • If you’re stopped for a DWI in a roadblock, the officer has to be perform the operation under certain circumstances and requirements.
  • Thereafter, there are field sobriety tests you may be requested to perform.
  • There’s a series of tests they provide, including a HGN test where they track your eye movement by following a pen or their finger. They can have you walk a line. They can request a finger-to-nose test. They can have you recite the alphabet. They can have you count.
  • The officers will also make just general observations of your physical condition.
  • If the officer has suspicion, he or she can give you what’s called an Alco-sensor.
  • This will give the officer the probable cause to bring you back to the station for scientific tests.